Election Campaign Consulting Firm in India

Election Campaign Consulting Firm in India

Polytics is one of the top Election Campaign Consulting and Management Company in India. We have expertise in election campaigning and political campaign management team to make any election campaign successful with the help of social media, paid media, paper media, print media, and content marketing.

The Best Political Election Consulting & Campaign Management Firm in India, Polytics is considered among the Top Political marketing in India.

Our extensive Political Campaign experience and dedicated team of Election Campaign experts make us well poised to emerge as the top Political Campaign Management Agency.

How we can help


We provide comprehensive Election Campaign Management for any candidate. The services we provide are –

We have in the past provided undeniable research and analysis in public opinion survey. We will provide precise and impartial projections through public opinion polls and polling survey that will facilitate any political candidate and his/her party.

We provide comprehensive Election Campaign Management for any candidate. The services we provide are –Door to Door Survey , Opinion Poll, Management of Social Media , Management of Campaign Material , Influencer Management .

We provide content marketing services for your party and election campaign through a powerful mixture of smart ideas, visuals, and words. We develop and manage targeted election strategies from Blogs, Graphics, Videos, and many more things.

  •  Advice the candidate on winning strategy. Provide valuable inputs from top veterans in different fields to assist and guide a candidate to victory. To maintain the candidate’s base and also influence floating voters by skillful media and message management. Opposition research into opponent’s record and use of such research to wean away opponent’s voters.

A complete and in-depth survey of any constituency through a questionnaire. Analysis of response and preparation of reports and summary related to voter mood.

We are working for many years to conduct surveys during Lok Sabha, bhidhan Sabha, and Rajya Sabha elections and providing the results to participating parties regarding the favorable and non-favorable results. Our Seat Wise Surveys help parties to make essential decisions about giving election tickets to the candidates for the particular seats.

Our Media Management Support goes far beyond writing speeches. It is aimed at crafting your personae to be that of a politician who is honest, trustworthy, attentive, and hard-working. Whether you are a first-time politician or a political heavyweight the need of the hour is to establish a digital brand. It will help you to increase the awareness of your campaign among voters and build a genuine relationship with them through the use of social media.

The team collects the reviews from voting candidates by noticing their opinions under the door to door survey techniques. They receive the voter’s reviews that what are their expectations about the party’s best candidates.

Election Campaign Management Company Team - India

As Election Campaign Management Agency

Our core team is formed of veterans from various fields such as market research, statistics, and journalism. They bring dozens of years of experience from all corners of this country and its vast and diverse electorate and greatly increase the chance of winning for any political party which consults them.

We conduct research into voting tendencies through a collection of data at ground level. We create questionnaires which bring out the voter’s mood and thought process. Understanding this is the key to winning elections.

In the past, we have provided irrefutable research and analysis on public policy. We will provide accurate and impartial forecasts that will facilitate any political candidate and his party.


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